Thursday, 27.12.2018

Efficient pelletising

On 23rd August 2018 in its issue no. 34.18, the trade magazine „Holzkurier“ published a report about a plant that optimises material and energy resources (SEO) and includes a mechanical dewatering system. The whole plant was installed at the company Westerwälder Holzpellets.


Sawn wood before by-products - This is the most common production order in a sawmill, but not at Westerwälder Holzpellets. The company manager, Markus Mann, initiated a pioneer project, designing a plant at the headquarters in Langenbach / Westerwald / Germany that optimises material and energy resources (SEO) and gets the best out of non-sawable wood. Thanks to a new technology, wood chips are pre-dried and transformed into pellets in a mechanical dewatering unit manufactured by Rudnick & Enners.

Please find English translation in PDF file below


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