Fuel dryers / vibrating dryers

Fuel dryer / vibrating dryer

The novel fuel pre-dryer by Rudnick & Enners reduces the water content of your biomass fuel and increases its calorific value at the same time. As an energy source, it uses the low temperature heat generated by the biomass heating plant very efficiently, and reduces fuel costs. The novel dryer construction is adapted to the special requirements of biomass fuels.

Amongst others, the Rudnick & Enners fuel pre-dryer can be used for the drying of the following biomass fuels:

  • wood chips
  • bark
  • landscape conservation wood
  • grape marc and olive pomace
  • grass
  • … other fuels on request

Amongst others, the dryer offers the following solutions for energetic biomass utilization:

  • fuel savings due to higher calorific value / improvement of the machine productivity
  • increase of the machine efficiency due to utilization of excess heat (summer operation)
  • prevention of instabilities caused by wet and frozen fuel (winter operation)
  • year-round heat utilization can improve/enable your feed-in compensation (CHP bonus) (minimum usage of heat)
  • additional operating areas due to commissional drying and sale of dry fuel

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