Compact belt dryers

Efficient, homogenous, versatile

Our low temperature belt dryer offers excellent drying results when using waste heat (temperature range approx. 50 - 120 °C). The modular construction offers various possible applications for the even drying of bulk goods.

Compact belt dryers RE-KBT are designed in cooperation with the Swiss company Swiss Combi, and have already established themselves for different application purposes.

Advantages of the compact belt dryer

  • efficient use of waste heat in the form of warm water, condensate, saturated steam or hot air/waste gas directly
  • low emission 
  • drying at low temperatures is gentle on the product
  • low power consumption
  • high availability
  • low maintenance costs
  • can be used for a variety of free-flowing products
  • pre-assembled modules for quick installation on-site
  • outdoor installation is possible
  • intelligent PLC allows an automated drying process

Dried products

  • chips for pelletizing, briquetting and chipboards
  • wood shavings for animal bedding/litter
  • sugar beet chips
  • lucerne/alfalfa
  • grass
  • bagasse
  • corn
  • bark
  • wood chips
  • biomass as fuel
  • marc
  • corn seedlings
  • fermentation residues
  • products from the food chemistry industry

Schematic diagram

  1. wet product
  2. rotating screw
  3. discharge screw
  4. dry product
  5. hot air
  6. extraction fan
  7. scraper
  8. belt washing installation

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