Twin chipper
 - for crosscut downsizing
Twin chipper
for crosscut downsizing
Twin Chipper

 - with hook lift and blower fan
Twin Chipper
with hook lift and blower fan

From trunk wood/industrial wood to dryable chips in one machine.
Due to an intelligent chipping concept, Rudnick & Enners Twin Chippers can be implemented without any additional suction device.

  • Processing of softwood and hardwood
  • Different chip sizes possible, depending on the machine configuration
  • Efficient chipping process

In addition, the Rudnick & Enners Twin Chipper offers you the possibility of optionally producing high-quality wood chips or shavings.
Rudnick & Enners Twin Chippers are in operation worldwide – please contact us.

Twin Chipper

With the novel system of a multi-stage chipping machine, it is possible to process logs, cross-cuts, slabs and chips with one machine directly to a suitable grain size for drying and pelleting.

Type List Twin Chipper

TypeInput heightInput widthDrive
RE-TC 300 x 500 300 mm 500 mm 55-200 kW
RE-TC 300 x 800 300 mm 800 mm 55-250 kW
RE-TC 600 x 800 600 mm 800 mm 75-450 kW
RE-TC 600 x 1.000 600 mm 1,000 mm 90-450 kW
RE-TC 600 x 1.500 600 mm 1,500 mm 90-630 kW
The capacity of each machine depends on the drive power installed, the particle size required and the infeed particle size, as well as the water content of the material.
Further types and machine configurations are available on request.

Reserve is made for technical modifications!

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