Based on the technology of the long-time established low-speed double-shaft system type RE-SRV, these pre-shredders are characterised by excellent performance and flexibility. The pre-shredders can be used for a wide range of applications such as rootstocks, waste wood, demolition wood, various types of biofuel and much else besides. The hydraulic lifting table allows the feed cross-section of the machine and the feed volume to be significantly increased once again.

The source material of the Rudnick & Enners pre-shredder can be used as fuel for thermal utilisation, or it can be extended into a complete and fully automated system concept in combination with additional processing steps.

Advantages of the Rudnick & Enners pre-shredder:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Wide range of applications
  • Increased feed volume through hydraulic lifting table
  • Insensitive to foreign matter
  • Efficient in terms of throughput and quality
  • Low-noise drive technology
  • Low dust formation/low wear

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