Vibrating conveyors

Consistent flow rate of bulk goods with vibrating chutes

Vibrating conveyor
Vibrating conveyor
Vibrating conveyor
Vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyors of the RE-VR series for sawmill scrap wood such as slabs, chips or wood shavings, as a central feed device for chipping machines. Optionally with metal-free zone for the detection of foreign objects, and/or with integrated screening zone for the separation of wood shavings before entering the chipper.

Vibrating chutes are ideal as discharging device for push floor systems, for example to realize a consistent fuel feed to the biomass heating boiler.

For vibrating chutes with screening zones as well as screening machines, please see vibrating screens.


Depending on the application, vibrating conveyors are also available in heavy or extra heavy design, with amplified resonance, and with the following characteristics:

  • inspection and maintenance flaps
  • spring bearing
  • spring hangers
  • reinforced swing arms
  • reinforced vibrating elements
  • feed monitoring
  • emergency pull rope

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